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Peter Mueller pmueller at
Tue Apr 13 17:00:12 BST 2004

> the point is when I start the named daemon it has only the 
> real Ip addresses and so it only listens to these addresses. 
> I made a nmap portscan to show the difference:

I'm using HA for quite a few programs.  If they are listening to 0/0:service
then they respond to requests immediately upon bringing up aliases.  Is it
0/0:53 on your netstat -anp | grep -i named?

> I have to restart the named daemon after the virtual IP 
> address has been assigned that named binds to the virtual 
> address. It listens on every address that is up when I start 
> the daemon and not on those that are up after the start of named.
> Is there a chance to put the command "named restart" after 
> the aquiration of the virtual address?

I still don't think you should need it, but I believe you can add this
functionality in /etc/ha.d/haresources.  For example, named


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