RealServers making requests to Virtual IP again?

Pedro C.G. petecg_76 at
Mon Apr 19 12:00:59 BST 2004


I have set up a load balacing architecture using lvs. The Linux Director 
Server(LDS) is balancing requests amongst 3 real servers. The LDS is in 
10.0.0.x network. The Real servers in 20.0.0.x.
The forwarding is done using NAT.

    ------------------------ 10.0.0.x
                 | .1
                 | .1
    ------------------------ 20.0.0.x
     |.1     |.2       |.3
     A       B         C

I have applications on the realservers as well that, from time to time, will 
have to use the virtual service that is being offered by the LVS. In other 
words, for example, a connection from an application running in A ( 
will have to be able to make requests to the virtual service at 
The question could be reasked in this way: Could a Real Server be a client 
of the virtual service even when this real server itself is actually hosting 

Will that work?

If I try to use a simple telnet from A to LDS:virtualService it seems not 
Many thanx

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