Malcolm Turnbull malcolm at
Sat Apr 24 10:33:35 BST 2004

Ulysses Almeida wrote:
> Hi all, 
>   I was thinking about HA and LVS on this situation:
>   Every packet that my LVS recives, and needs to retransmit to any Real
> Server, I'd like to replicate to a Backup LVS server. 

I don't know any answers but that sounds like one of the two features 
that F5 has that LVS doesn't (although I still prefer LVS :-) )

1) On F5 all incomming packets are automaticaly cached in a buffer until 
they have been accepted by the real server, if they are not accepted by 
the real server then they are sent to a different real server. This 
avoids any connection failures if a real server goes down.

2) Above feature is probably easiest in combination with the other F5 
feature which I think they call SNAT where packets have the destination 
address changed to the real ip of the real server and when the packet 
returns the source address is changed from the rip to the vip so the 
client is unaware. This works in single arm mode and I think it is now 
their default setup.


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