Routing weirdness

John Reuning john at
Fri Apr 23 19:14:14 BST 2004

Yes, capturing traffic sounds like the best troubleshooting tool for
this situation.

Just a quick clarification about the gratuitous arp issue during
failover.  The problem isn't with the layer-2 switches, it's with the
next-hop router (the external default gateway for the LVS directors). 
It's common behavior with Cisco routers to update their arp cache table
in response to source-generated packets but not in response to
gratuitous arp packets.



> Heartbeat sends out quite a few gratuitous arps.  They are very good about
> it.  Only a misconfigured switch or an extremely crappy switch wouldn't
> respond to the arps that heartbeat sends out.  Another possibility here is a
> firewall or misconfigured linux is blocking the arps.

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