fallback doesn't work at all (apache/ha/lvs)

Easytrans Systems (Laurie Baker) lvs at easytrans.com
Fri Apr 23 20:48:04 BST 2004

Original Message - from Thoralf Will
Sent: 23 April 2004 11:42

> I can request the testpage and get the expected answer.
>But if I switch of both realservers and the fallback gets added to the list
I don't receive the expected >waitpage but a connection refused error.

>/etc/ha.d/conf/ldirectord.cf: (maybe here somewhere?)
>virtual =
        protocol = tcp  <quote-Laurie> Not sure, but I'd expect to see a
"service = http" here? <end quote>
>        scheduler = wlc
>        real = gate 5
>        real = gate 5
>        fallback =
>        request = "test.html"
>        receive = "teststring"


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