Looking for how some of you guys are doing file sharing

Neulinger, Nathan nneul at umr.edu
Mon Apr 26 17:06:01 BST 2004

We use AFS/OpenAFS as our backend storage for all regular user and web
data.  (Mail and databases are separate.) About 3 TB total capacity, of
which about 1.9 used. 

-- Nathan

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> Subject: Looking for how some of you guys are doing file sharing
> Hello,
> I realize that this is not really a LVS question , but it is 
> in a kind of
> round about way.
> I am running a LVS_DR setup.
> I have one director and two real servers.
> All the boxes are running rh9. I am using this to load 
> balance my web site.
> It is a pretty busy site.
> Both real servers share the same docroots via NFS. I am not 
> sure if this is
> working as well as I would have  hoped. 
> So here is my question. What are you guys doing do share data 
> between your
> real servers? (BTW, I do have a db that they share info with), but the
> majority of data I have is html and xml files.
> I hope you guys do not mind this question, but I am sure some 
> of you have
> had a similar situation
> Thanks for any help
> Randy
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