How to tell if my director is handling the load

Peter Mueller pmueller at
Wed Apr 28 19:25:01 BST 2004

> Randy Paries wrote:
> > The question I have at this point is how to I tell if my director is
> > handling the load.
> if it isn't handling the load the latency for requests will go up.
> You could have a test client on the same network as the VIP fetch
> a test page every now and again and monitor the retrieval times.
> If the load gets higher than that, you could look for packet drops 
> on the NIC which has the VIP

If you want to see where this latency limit is before you reach it in
production, try using Julian's testlvs -,
perhaps along with apachebench (ab).  I will bet you 3 to 1 that your real
servers fall on their faces before LVS.  Hopefully you will pay for me to go
to Cabo and fish some marlins :)


PS - how did you solve your 'email when servers IS/OOS' problem?

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