Persistance and LVS

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Thu Apr 29 15:21:45 BST 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 16:03, Joseph Mack wrote:
> Andrea Cerrito wrote:
> A realserver can only have 64k connections (ipv4 spec).
> A director (or router or firewall) sitting in between a large number of clients on one side
> and a set of realservers on the other side and keeping track of the connections
> involved, is just doing accounting and is keeping a list of what's going on.
> The conn_track code can use 64bit numbers if it likes and is only limited in the
> number of connections it can track by the number of connections it can store.
> There are no connections being made to or from the director (router).

Thanks Joe, I think I've understand (what I misunderstand before :)).

So: a LVS box, with NAT, tuned with parameters from that page can handle
(with enough RAM and CPU Power, of course) even 1 millions of total
connections (total connections = [connections originated from the
internet -like clients-] + [connections originated from the dmz -like
smtp sessions from mailservers-]).

Is it right?
If it so, thanks. My original question was: how many connections may a
lvs/nat can handle?
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