Persistance and LVS

Julian Anastasov ja at
Thu Apr 29 21:45:40 BST 2004


On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, Joseph Mack wrote:

> if you're doing LVS-NAT then you have a smaller limit for
> ports, since all ports are coming from the director.
> when NAT'ing you only have ports 61000-65xxx, ie 4000 ports to
> choose from.

	These ranges are only for the connections created from
the 2.2 masquerading code, not for the LVS connections:

> 	Do the (small) number of ports limit LVS-NAT? If the
> LVS has 40,000connections/hr, with 1hr persistence, can the
> LVS-NAT director hold 40000 connections once (for discussion,
> let's say these are all to different IPs, ie 40,000 IPs).

	There are no connection limits in LVS, they are in TCP,
there are 65536*65536 possible combinations between two IPs.
In LVS setup with one VIP:VPORT used, the number is 65536
connections from CIP to same VIP:VPORT.

> Joe


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