ldirectord v 1.90

Philip Hayward Philip.Hayward at digitalrum.com
Thu Aug 5 14:34:46 BST 2004


Sorry this isn't the quickest response to a call to testing, but I think I
may have found a bug. I've just upgraded a test RH8 ultramonkey ldirectord
from to 1.90. The existing config was working fine but when I
restarted it two virtual servers (out of 17) changed from TCP to UDP. 

The problematic virtual servers were the first 2 entries in the list, but
reordering didn't help. A virtual server causing errors is pasted below:

        real= masq
        request="goobie/TestServlet"	#just a java test app

This creates:

UDP wlc persistent 300
  ->              Masq    1      0          0

Starting it in debug gets this:

DEBUG2: Running system(/sbin/ipvsadm -A -u -s wlc -p 300 )
Running system(/sbin/ipvsadm -A -u -s wlc -p 300 )
DEBUG2: Added virtual server:
Added virtual server:

I found two ways of getting it back to TCP. The first was to explicitly
define the virtual server as TCP and the second was to change the virtual
and real server to port 0.

Apart from this little problem it seems faster to start up. I'll carry on
testing it anyway.

Thanks for all the good work!

Phil Hayward

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Hi all,

Greetings from sunny Tokyo

There have been a number of bugs and corresponding fixes to ldirectord
lately. Most of these have related to how ldirectord adds and removes real
and fallback servers to the kernel table.

I have made a number of changes which I have just committed to cvs as
version 1.90. This includes integrating the way these servers are added and
removed at startup and when the config file is reread, and when they added
and removed because of monitoring events. Hopefully this will be less prone
to error than the previous code.

This incoporates the much smaller patch to 1.89 that I posted to the
lvs-users list yesterday.


Please test!

Bug reports to lvs-users at LinuxVirtualServer.org or
linux-ha-dev at lists.linux-ha.org please (probably not both to avoid anyoing
too many people at once). Complaints to /dev/null



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