neural network based load balancing

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"asep noor mukhdari s." wrote:

> I'am sorry, the topics itself advised by one of my advisor,

one of the problems of being a student - you're an indentured
servant. To add to the insult, either you or the State are
paying for your servitude.

Are you sure the academic can't be convinced to allow you to
do a different project? Maybe he doesn't know that other
projects are available. You could make a proposal to do
the failover of streaming video (or some other project)
and present it to him. It's an exercise for you - don't 
expect that the academic will accept it - he may or he
may not - but do it as an exercise in presenting better
options to an employer (you'll be in this position for
the rest of your life, it won't hurt to get a head start

The academic may accept the project, in which case 
you're arse is on the line to get it done.
Being on the line for your idea is a much better position
to be in than being on the line for someone else's bad idea.
However if the person is not fair or reasonable, you
may be setting your self up for trouble (they may give
you a bad grade even if your idea works). 

If the academic doesn't accept your proposal, you
haven't lost anything and you've learned a bit about
presenting good ideas to people and to go look
for other people who recognise good ideas.

> I think none of you guys sees it as good idea (who else? ).

It not that it's a bad idea. It just isn't a good idea.
You would hope that an academic could tell the
difference between a "not good" idea and lots 
of good ideas.

It will work and you will learn about neural nets. 
But it is unlikely that anyone will use your code.
It would be better to do a project that people are 
likely to use. It will help you get a better job.  

You don't want to be hanging around with teachers 
whose assignements are pointless, when there are useful
projects available. You may have no choice in the matter
at the moment (e.g. there isn't anyone else available
and you are enrolled in this school and you have to 
graduate), but realise that the academic has little
imagination and isn't prepared to look for better ones.
Try not to be trapped like this again.


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