roadmap of lvs and my wish list

Horms horms at
Thu Aug 12 01:20:42 BST 2004

On Wed, Aug 11, 2004 at 07:38:35AM -0700, Yunfeng Hou wrote:
> I checked the mailing list and did not find something
> such as roadmap or function list of next release. So I
> wish I could add some of my ideas if one day we will
> have the roadmap.
> 1. user defined scheduler: user can write their own
> scheduler to guide the load dispatching

The schedulers have always been modules precicely so
users can easily create their own.

> 2. session persistent extend: I noticed that 3 methods
> to extend a session in the mail
>  And I prefer the first one to extend it again with
> the persistent time. So maybe all these implemented
> and have control variable to choose one.
> 3. DOS attack: add functions such as BIG-IP syn check.

Patches are welcome :)


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