Problem setting up lvs

Billy Olson ntadmin at
Fri Jul 2 21:09:47 BST 2004

Colin Bruce Wrote:
> The problem is very simple and is totally repeastable. It is, if I open
> a window on the client and start a telnet session to the service address I
> get lnxtst2. If I open another window and telnet to the service address I
> also get lnxtst2. I can repeat this as often as I choose and I will always
> get lnxtst2. The output from ipvadm shows all the connections to lnxtst2
> and none to lnxtst3. Now for the clever bit. While all this is going on,
> if I try to ssh from the client to the service address I always get the
> other real server lnxtst3 so telnet goes to lnxtst2 and ssh goes to
> lnxtst3. I can reboot all the servers, reinstall everything etc etc and
> the behaviour remains the same.
> I am using round robin scheduling and this happens whether I use DR or
> NAT. I haven't tried TUN but I imagine it will do the same. All the while
> this is happening I can telnet or ssh directly to either of the real
> servers from the client without any problems at all.
> Has anyone seen this before or know what is wrong please?

Well, I imagine we would have to be able to see a dump of your IPVSADM
settings first ;)
"# ipvsadm -ln" / # ipvsadm -l"

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