Problem setting up lvs

Colin Bruce ccx004 at
Sat Jul 3 18:52:38 BST 2004

Dear Billy,

Thanks for the help. I just changed it to use a specific port (I tried 23
first then 22) and removed the -p option. However, it still just always goes
to lnxtst2 and never lnxtst3. I did wonder about different clients and tried
it from another as well but that made no difference.

One thing I wonder about. I downloaded the kernel sources from
(version 2.4.26 as it happens) and used the LVS stuff that is included in
there. I notice on the web LVS web site that there is code for the kernel
and I assumed that what was in the kernel would be the same. However, is this
actually true? Oh well I bet it is something stupid I've done but I can't
see what it is. I'll start again on Monday and it will probably turn out to
be some stupid typing mistake.

Best wishes.....

On Fri, 2 Jul 2004, Billy Olson wrote:

>   A simple way to test this would be to add another client to the network so
> you could assure that it is a persistance only issue.  As when you made
> multiple connections from multiple clients it should begin to "load balance"
> them.  If you test with multiple clients then you can keep the :0 rule and
> persistance.  Otherwise, and in almost all production environments it will
> be almost necessary to define the services individually.  At least from a
> security stand point anyhow.

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