Problem setting up lvs

Horms horms at
Mon Jul 5 04:46:40 BST 2004

On Sat, Jul 03, 2004 at 06:52:38PM +0100, Colin Bruce wrote:
> Dear Billy,
> Thanks for the help. I just changed it to use a specific port (I tried 23
> first then 22) and removed the -p option. However, it still just always goes
> to lnxtst2 and never lnxtst3. I did wonder about different clients and tried
> it from another as well but that made no difference.
> One thing I wonder about. I downloaded the kernel sources from
> (version 2.4.26 as it happens) and used the LVS stuff that is included in
> there. I notice on the web LVS web site that there is code for the kernel
> and I assumed that what was in the kernel would be the same. However, is this
> actually true? Oh well I bet it is something stupid I've done but I can't
> see what it is. I'll start again on Monday and it will probably turn out to
> be some stupid typing mistake.

If you use the LVS code in 2.4.26, and the latest version of
ipvsadm for 2.4 on you should be fine.

It still sounds to mee that you have some persistance problems.


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