LVS-NAT and multiple gateways on real servers

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Thanks for the reply. I probably didn't make my setup very clear as I
think you
misundertood what I've got going. The IP is the VIP where
go to access the load balanced services. I think this is referred to as
the DIP 
(Director IP) in the LVS HowTo. The VIP is the virtual IP
load balancer uses the access the private 192 network where the real
live. I think this is called the RIP in the LVS HowTo doc.

What I'd like to do is this, put an IP like on eth1 on Real
Server 1
and give that IP a gateway of In this way I could connect
directly to
the Real Server for maintenence/updates rather than having to go through
load balancer.

Hope I've made things clearer rather than murkier. :)
Doug Farrell
Scholastic, Inc.

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"Farrell, Doug" wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using the RedHat Piranha version of LVS and have successfully
configured an LVS-NAT

can you turn line wrap on please, your paragraphs are all one line and
hard to read

> Director
> eth0    IP :       gateway=
> eth0:1 VIP :
> eth1    IP :
> eth1:1 VIP :
> Real Server 1
> eth0    IP :      gateway=
> eth1    IP :

having IPs in different networks is going to be interesting from the
point of view. Do you have to have both IPs in different networks?

have you got the LVS to work for each VIP separately?

You appear to have two one-net LVS-NAT setups in parallel (see HOWTO).
If so, make sure you understand this setup.


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