LVS/Piranha and Direct Routing example

Dongluo Chen dongluo.chen at
Mon Jul 19 09:59:13 BST 2004

I do not use Piranha. But it seems that Piranha does not 
support LVS/DR at present. The following paragraph is from

"Currently, the LVS cluster supports one routing method, 
Network Address Translation (NAT). (In the future, tunneling 
and direct routing will be added.)"
Ultra Monkey provides LVS packages for Redhat Enterprise 
Linux 3.0 . I think you could try it. 


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Hi all,

Does anyone have an example of a Piranha (LVS) software on a Redhat 
Enterprise Linux 3.0 system using the Direct Routing system?
I've got a NAT configuration running, but am having no luck at all
getting a DR configuration working. If someone has DR working do you
think you could send me some samples of your configuration files so I
could see what you did? I'd also like an idea what you've done with
your hardware/network layout to get this to work.

Doug Farrell
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