Kernel 2.6.4 still need ARP patch?

Leo fds3ssw at
Mon Jul 26 08:22:03 BST 2004

Dear All,

   I'm using IPVS for kernel 2.6 now (Suse 9.1 Pro), do I still need make ARP patch? (I hate recompiler linux kernel :-( )

   If I only use this machine as director, maybe I don't need ARP patch, but if use it as realserver, it will be needed, I'm right?

   BTW: I want to build up realserver in windows 2000, someone give me example that add a Microsoft loopback adapter, others told me I need change to change register to disable ARP, which way is better?

   I'm a newbie, your help is appreciated!


        fds3ssw at

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