taking a realserver offline

Malcolm Turnbull malcolm at loadbalancer.org
Sat Oct 2 08:32:52 BST 2004

A brutal disconnect is the usual way to go, ldirectord handles it 
cleanly I assume keepaliced does as well.
In ldirectord quiescent should be set to zero.


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Duran, Richard wrote:

>Is it possible to take a realserver offline in such a way that existing connections are immediately redirected to another realserver? We've had the need to do this before and don't know what else to do beyond either (1) setting the weight to "0" and iterating through a process of disconnecting "inactive" users/sessions and hoping that they don't reconnect within the 5 minute persistence_timeout, or (2) removing the host-specific entry from keepalived.conf (brutally disconnecting everyone).
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