Strange ping and resolving behaviour

Kris kris at
Wed Oct 6 07:43:52 BST 2004


I have the following problem when using LVS-TUN which I hope someone can
shed some light on.
Everything appears to work flawlessly, the setup was fairly straight forward
with no major problems.
I have the linux director using ipvsadm with wlc to tunnel requests to port
80 onto the real server which is running apache and using tunl0 with the IP
of the director and no arp.
On the real server when I try to ping any hosts anywhere on the internet it
takes about 10 secs before I start seeing ping replies but *only* with
certain hosts, a few hosts seem to reply straight away which I have no idea
If I ping the hosts IP instead of domain, it replies instantly which leads
me to believe its some kind of resolving problem, but why does it resolve
some straight away and ping instantly while *most* take about 10secs before
packets are sent out and replied to..
Please help :)

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