Strange ping and resolving behaviour

Easytrans Systems (Laurie Baker) lvs at
Wed Oct 6 08:18:18 BST 2004

In reply to Kris's question below,
Sent: 06 October 2004 07:44
Subject: Strange ping and resolving behaviour

I think we would need to know more about the DNS setup you are using. It
most certainly sounds to be a DNS issue but why one  request responds
directly and others with delay sounds suspicious.

Have you done any tests "nslookup's" from the director and or from a RS
using a different DNS servers?


Good Luck

>On the real server when I try to ping any hosts anywhere on the internet it
>takes about 10 secs before I start seeing ping replies but *only* with
>certain hosts, a few hosts seem to reply straight away which I have no idea

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