problems with lvs-dr and windows terminal server clients

Horms horms at
Thu Oct 14 07:08:39 BST 2004

On Fri, Oct 08, 2004 at 11:20:55AM -0400, Marc Swanson wrote:
> here's a weird one for you...
> I have an lvs-dr setup that directs http traffic to a set of 4 linux
> realservers.  For the most part, the setup works great:  all windows and
> linux desktop pcs work just fine connecting to the virtual served
> websites.
> The problem is that most of our users are running on Windows Terminal
> Server (NT4) w/citrix metaframe, and for whatever reason, the virtual
> server works VERY intermittently when attempting to connect from this
> machine.  Sometimes it works, other times you'll get a 'document
> contains no data' or 'unable to display page' message.  I've verified
> the problem with a manual telnet into port 80 from the same machine.. I
> get a connection refused whenever the problem occurs when attempting to
> connect to the virtual server port 80.  It doesn't seem to be related to
> Citrix since the problem will also occur when using the machine from the
> console.
> At this point I'm thinking the problem has something to do with the
> windows TCP stack, but that doesn't help me in trying to find a solution
> :-/
> Browser version doesn't matter, which makes sense due to my telnet
> testing from the machine.. this seems to be a client level problem of
> some type, but I can't for the life of me figure it out.  The only other
> strange thing about the windows terminal servers is that we are running
> bonded ethernet interfaces on them.  I may try going back to a single
> interface on our test machine to see if it makes any difference.
> Has anyone else experienced problems such as the one I have described? 
> suggestions?

This could be a problem with ARP if the citrix machine and linux
director are on the same network. Or it could be some weird netmask
problem, or something like that. I would recommend using something
like tcpdump or ethereal to examine what is happening on the wire.


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