ipvsadm version mismatch in debian

Joerg Rieger Joerg.Rieger at informatik.med.uni-giessen.de
Sun Oct 17 20:18:44 BST 2004


On Sun, Oct 17, 2004 at 08:44:41PM +0200, Roberto Nibali wrote:
> >see Bug #270774:
> >http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=270774
> The last statement is important and the Debian folks should do that 
> ASAP. I've done the same thing in our company distribution. We have a 
> ipvsadm-2.2, a ipvsadm-2.4 and a ipvsadm-2.6. Whichever kernel you boot, 
> you get the right tool with it.

Is your tool open source licensed? If so it would be nice to share it 
with the rest of us.

I'd prefer a wrapper script which automatically executes the right 
binary depending on your running kernel version. It's a simple thing, 
if I don't receive any further response from the Debian Maintainer of 
ipvsadm (shameless plug: I opened the above bug report) I might just 
write one myself and see if it gets accepted.
> My problem is:
> I've got a Debian testing based Linux system on a sparc64 box. I try to 
> get LVS running on a vanilla 2.4.27 kernel. The kernel module loads and 
> runs absolutely fine.
> As stated, I've also downloaded the ipvsadm-1.21 source which should be 
> correct for the latest 2.4.x IPVS version. Compiling it, with the 
> /usr/src/linux includes (which is correct regarding my self-made kernel) 
> gives me a binary which does not work as outlined in my first email.
> Any hints as to why this is so? I'll stick my nose into the code now for 
> real ... sigh, my girlfriend will kill me. I suspect some 64bit 
> uncleanliness or something along those lines. For more information:

I haven't encountered your problem yet. But since a few little/big 
endian issues have been fixed in the last couple of days, I'm planning 
to use an Ultra 5 to be a second director in a active-active
configuration with a x86 machine. Both will be running Sarge, so I might
also encounter your described problem.


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