One client with One RealServer.

Wed Oct 20 09:43:25 BST 2004

Ulysses Almeida :
>   I have a LVS with simple round robin. But some times, I want to make
> one RealServer to be responsable for one specific client, without
> loosing any alredy-connected-socket. I want to create this rule,
> before the client starts connections. Is it possible with ipvsadm? or
> any other tools?  If not, could be simple create one? Maybe using
> libip_vs_user_sync?

I would use an fwmark service for that. Then, when I want the client to be
directed to the service, I'd add the iptables rule, and I just have to remove
it to close the pipeline. The fwmark entry could stay in the LVS
configuration; you can even define one fwmark service per realserver and play
with the mark value to redirect the connections to the needed realserver.

Any other idea?


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