keepalived script problem.

Fredrik Månsson fredrik.mansson at
Mon Oct 25 13:44:14 BST 2004

Hello list..

I have some troube with my keepalived script, or something related to it.
If I want to reload my configuration, or use the script for any other reason. Here is what is happening with the diffrent options.

/etc/init.d/keepalived stop		- Nothing happens att all. I still have my 3 keepalived procs.

/etc/init.d/keepalived start		- Starts a new set of 3 keepalived procs. Independent of how many was allready started.

/etc/init.d/keepalived restart	- Starts a new set of 3 keepalived procs. If new configuration was specified in keepalived.conf this is added. If configuration was removed in keepalived.conf this is not removed for the runing config.

/etc/init.d/keepalived reload		- 1 keepalived proc is killed. (I think it is the healthchecker, but I am not sure). Nothing else happens in this case.

Note; I am running "Direct Return" forwarding method on all my VIP´s. (lb_kind DR)
I cant find anything unusual in the logfiles.

What should i look for? Any pointers appreciated!

Kind Regards,
Fredrik Mansson.

Fredrik Månsson | fredrik.mansson at

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