load balancer sending to the wrong real servers

Peter Mueller pmueller at sidestep.com
Mon Sep 13 20:37:30 BST 2004

> This one is really weird to me.  We've been using heartbeat and
> ldirector with lvs for a few years now with relatively little problem.
> Indeed there's been a lot of time where we haven't had to think about
> it.

What version of heartbeat & ldirectord are you using?  Did ldirectord get
sent signal HUP or restarted in some way?  If so, I have seen this behavior
in an old version of ldirectord.  Grab the CVS version.  It might not be a
bad idea anyway.  The latest versions are pretty good.  We are using
1.90-modified here.

>From 1.88 changelog
"Status checking of real servers was too primitive. This has been the root of
a lot of bugs relating to realservers or fallback servers not being correctly
added or removed in various circumstances. This patch adds a more
sophisticated per virtual status check for real servers. Hopefully this is
the way of the future"

The 1.2.0x heartbeat is also quite a bit better than 1.0.4 and previous
versions.  You should upgrade.


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