topology question about Horms example

Ryan Leathers Ryan.Leathers at
Tue Sep 21 12:33:34 BST 2004

Thanks for the idea.

I finally decided on applying the ultra monkey patches.  My multi-master DNS
is being served off two hosts using two VIPs which fail over to one another.
The zone files are rsynched during normal operation.  All I'm really using
is heartbeat, but I like the fact that I can get balancing now by simply
tossing some ipvsadm lines out.

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On tor, 2004-09-16 at 14:30 -0400, Ryan Leathers wrote:
> For the sake of clarity, I do not need to connect from source hosts in one
> network and reach destination hosts in another.  What I am after is to
> a service (DNS in this case) at a VIP for the benefits of high
> that gives me.  I need to do this for two networks.  I would like to
> accomplish this using only 2 realservers rather than 4. 

if you don't need load balancing, you may not need LVS at all.  I've got
a DNS server with fail-over using only the VRRP bit of keepalived.
well, I've actually set it up so the backup director is in charge of the
DNS, it's a nice job for it while it's idling.
Kjetil T.

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