vrrp flip-flap and expire_nodest_conn problems related

Alexandre Cassen alexandre.cassen at wanadoo.fr
Tue Sep 28 14:11:27 BST 2004


> I thought keepalived does not use the IFF_UP|IFF_RUNNING anymore?

Keepalived still use those floags through the kernel netlink reflection channel. When ifdown an interface this produce a kernel netlink broadcast catched by VRRP netlink registered broadcast socket. Which will force transition to FAULT state.

> I was under the impression that Jeff Garzik was going to clean that all up and that
> the ethtool interface architecture would provide use with a generalised framework
> for this. I reckon for Alexandre Cassen an event based netlink message would be the
> best for vrrpd, correct?

I wrote a small paper (present on my homepage at linux-vs.org) to explain how linkwatch work. This is the very best solution to detect link failures. This patch is now part of new 2.6 kernel. So that when NIC driver call netif_up |down this produce a kernel netlink broadcast catched by any userspace stuff registering lnetlink link event group.

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