Connection lost after running rc.lvs_dr script

Peter Mueller pmueller at
Fri Apr 15 19:21:24 BST 2005

> My only problem now is with the DNS services I am trying to 
> load balance. For some reason, it's not working while http 
> and smtp are fine. I can run DNS queries from the director 
> across the local network to each realserver and get a good 
> response, but when I try to access DNS on the VIP (using "dig 
> @VIP") I get a server timeout. The only 
> difference I see is that DNS uses UDP, but I have both TCP 
> and UDP domain services setup in ipvsadm:

DNS had built-in load-balancing techniques.  From what I have read about it
(Alan Cox) you are better off using the built-in methods than LVS.

If you still want to persist with LVS-DNS I would recommend getting your
network sniffing tools (tcpdump, ethereal) to identify & solve the problem.



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