[ANNOUNCE] Ultra Monkey 3

Peter Mueller pmueller at sidestep.com
Fri Apr 15 19:24:15 BST 2005

> I'm running a custom 2.4.30 kernel, so I already have LVS 
> support working.

As long as you use that kernel you will be fine.

> It's not that I want to use 7.3, it's just that these 
> machines have been online for a long time and they're located 
> in a remote NOC. We standardized on 7.3 a while ago and have 
> just been upgrading kernels and certain pieces of software 
> when we need to. I'm leary of changing anything that isn't necessary.

Don't break what isn't broken?  Sounds like the right plan to me.  I think
Ratz is still using 2.2 kernel servers.  Actually he's probably still using
2.0 servers, behind his plan-9 servers of course.  (Heh).



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