[OT] Re: Loadbalancing Datbases - mysql

Francois JEANMOUGIN Francois.JEANMOUGIN at 123multimedia.com
Mon Apr 18 13:26:20 BST 2005

> IIRC we had a discussion (Jan Klopper, Francois Jeanmougin and me) on the
> 2nd March this year on the same topic allready. Here's the link:
> http://archive.linuxvirtualserver.org/html/lvs-users/2005-03/mail4.html

We made some other testing on high availabilty/high performance MySQL:
- InnoDB has a bottleneck if you have more than 1024 simultaneous concurrent
connections to the DB (We have about 5000).
- Ndb (the MySQL cluster) works quite great, but has a problem with DB
opening (use database ;) which limits the scalability of the solution...

We didn't had time to test Ndb properly on our environment, the solution
seems to be good in terms of design, it is memory based, and uses table
patitionning (so it'll split the datas on several servers). It has to be
improved to be really usable and strong.


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