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The utility will install the loopback adapter.


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Brad Taylor wrote:

>If a Windows Real Server is not setup with a loopback.  What will the
>results be?
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>Brads email reminded me that we have a small .net based tool to setup
>the loopback adpater for DR mode on windows 2000/2003 web servers.
>The idea was to install the loopback & setup as many VIPs as required 
>and then
>set the netmask to But from testing we've found that 
>windows will
>sometimes stop responding to the load balancers RIP (for health checks),
>whereas if you use a netmask
>of Windows ignores this route because it looks for the 
>smallest subnet in the routing table first i.e. you (or 
>whaterver your using for your RIP.)
>The small utility requires the .net framework 1.1.
>When you start it click on the red warning 'no adapter found' to install
>the loopback
>Then add as many VIPs as you want and click save.
>Slightly pointless for anyone who knows what they are doing, but someone
>may find it usefull.
>You can download binary and source here :
>NB. The one marked BETA will set the netmask to (if 
>thats what you want)

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