[ANNOUNCE] Ultra Monkey 3

Horms horms at verge.net.au
Thu Apr 21 07:07:52 BST 2005

On Fri, Apr 15, 2005 at 09:49:07AM -0700, Jeff Kilbride wrote:
> Is there any problem running the Ultra Monkey 3 RPMS on an older version
> of RedHat like 7.3? Is there something in RHEL I will need to get and
> install manually? I've already got ipvsadm compiled and running correctly.
> I'm interested in adding the other features.

Off the top of my head - yes it should work, though
you might need to recompile the binaries. That said,
7.3 is pretty old and so is its kernel, so you
might get some lvs-funnies there.


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