How is the best way to tell if my director is be over run

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lvs-users-bounces at wrote on 04/29/2005 10:13:03

> Hello
> I have a LVS-DR setup with 1 director and 2 real servers
> I average about 2.5 million hits a day

27hits/sec. Assuming 10packets/hit (very approximately),
that's 270 packets/sec, hardly moving your network.

> I have been noticing lately that when I go to may main URL (to the
> director), sometimes there is a noticeable delay.

are you coming in from the outside (where the clients are) or

> CPU usage on all three is pretty low. But I would assume
> there is something
> else I should look at to see how the director is holding
> up. It is not a
> very powerful box

some of the usage tools don't show the kernel usage, just user
process usage.

There's lots of places to look, congested outside network,
slow disks, low memory...


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