Email alerts for ldirectord (patch in URL)

Peter Mueller pmueller at
Wed Aug 3 21:36:16 BST 2005

> 1. The alerts need to be able to be turned on or off in the
>    configuration file. Perhaps a simple configuration 
> varibale, that can
>    be global and per-virtual, and defaults to off. alertmail might not
>    be such a bad name


> 2. The addresses also need to be configurable, again on a global or
>    per-virtual basis. alertmailfailaddress, alertmailsuccessaddress
>    might not be such bad names, though they are rather long.

So both 1 and 2 need to be configurable via

> I am also concerend about using /usr/lib/sendmail directly,
> and this is probably the main reason I haven't added this 
> feature in the past. I'm happy to live with it for now, but 
> its certainly 
> an area for improvement in the future.

Some others have mentioned using a perl mailer module.  What is the one that
most distributions use (Redhat, SuSE, and Debian)?  Can someone provide an
example of their use?  I do not normally use Perl so I am not familiar with
the different modules.

We already have Mail::Sendmail and Mail::Sender.  Mail::Sender sounds more
generic and independent of sendmail, but Mail::Sendmail might be installed on
a wider basis?



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