'no hit' for LVS connection tracking (SYN+ACK not translated)

Jari Takkala Jari.Takkala at Q9.com
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I have looked in the archives, the most recent postings I can find describing the SYN+ACK problem are by Johan van den Berg, and Simon Schwendemann. I cannot find a resolution or announcement by Julian. It looks like Johan van den Berg switched to using LVS-DR. That is not an option for us. This is the last message I could find relating to this problem:


We are running IPVS 1.0.11 on kernel 2.4.26. The latest version for 2.4.x is 1.0.12 and it looks like it only contains one fix for "endian problem on sync message size". That does not seem to affect us.


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people were reporting intermittant SYN+ACK (or just SYN) 
problems with LVS-NAT a while ago (maybe 6mo ago but don't 
hold me to that date). No-one seemed to have much of an idea 
what the problem was till Julian made some pronouncement 
that it wasn't a problem. I don't remember why it wasn't a 
problem - it's possible that you had to upgrade to a more 
recent version of ipvs.

So look in the archives and see if you can make sense of 
anything. If you find a fix, let me know and I'll put it in 
the HOWTO. I'd assumed this problem had been solved but 
since you're the second person with it, obviously it hasn't 
been solved.


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