'no hit' for LVS connection tracking (SYN+ACK not translated)

Jari Takkala Jari.Takkala at Q9.com
Tue Aug 16 16:00:11 BST 2005

Thank you for your help Joe. We won't be able to move to 2.6 for at least another few months. The problem is occurring in a production environment. We have tried failing over the load balancer to the secondary, the same problem occurred on it. We also cleaned up and minimized the configuration as much as necessary. Still having the same problem the moment we begin load balancing FTP connections.

Hoping that Julian or someone will have an answer for us. Thanks!


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I'm on vacation for a week. I can't look at my old e-mail 
messages till I get back to work.

Julian: do you know how to solve the SYN+ACK problem with 
LVS-NAT on 2.4.x?


are you up for going to 2.6? This will be a bit of work and 
I'm not sure that it will solve the problem.


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