SSL acceleration for a web farm

Joe Stump joe at
Wed Aug 17 23:05:30 BST 2005

> Why are you worrying about offloading it?  I would just buy some boxes
> with faster CPU's if speed is a concern.  The time it takes to ship
> the data back and forth over the bus to the SSL accelerator your  
> processor
> probably could have taken care of it.  Especially if the algorithm  
> uses
> all the bell and whistle features todays CPUs have.

I was wondering the same thing - they call it a Random Array of  
Inexpensive Computers (RAIC) for a reason don't they? I use LVS for  
two reasons:

1.) Redundancy

2.) Cheap scalability

With the right setup you should be able to simply plug in more SSL  
servers behind your LVS and this will take care of any SSL related  
issues you're having. That's what I like about LVS and it's  
weighting. I could either use 4 dual opterons with 4GB of RAM each or  
a horde of Pentium II's.


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