setting up : subnet for real servers

Vijay K vijay_k at
Tue Aug 23 14:50:23 BST 2005

Thank u Horms
I could figure out myself the ldirectord logstuff and also teh issues with
range of real servers.
Thank u very much.
Nowwhat is ur take..Shud i use this file in /etc/ha.d/conf/www or teh
/etc/ha.d/ for ldirectord. Is there any problem with either of

"/usr/sbin/ldirectord -d /etc/ha.d/ status

"It looks like you are running this command from within the
/etc/initr.d directory. One of the properties of debuging mode
is that if there is an ipvsadm programme present in the local
working directory it uses that instead of looking for one
in /sbin and then /usr/sbin.

The reason for this is that it is useful to be able to have a local
version of ipvsadm executed by ldirectord during development and
testing. However, it just so happens that in /etc/initr.d there
is a script called ipvsadm which can be used to initialise
LVS at boot (not usually used if you run ldirectord). This isn't
however the ipvsadm binary that configures your LVS, and thus the

Try running ldirectord from another directory, that doesn't have
a programme called ipvsadm there, say /root"

Thank u for the insight...its true .now when i run it from other directory
its working fine even in debug mode.

thank u very much

since i am using checktype as connect my ipvsadm shows weight of both my
real servres as 1. but when i login into the director which directs to the
real server,the activeconn column is not getting changed. When i login the
inactive conn column is getting some value..Can somebody let me know what
does these columns mean and also when i log in repeatedly also the
connection is going to the first realserver all teh tiems even though its
been mentioned rr in config file.

Thanks and regds

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