Keepalived keeps forcing new elections despite priority not 255

Christopher Kalos chris at
Tue Aug 30 20:01:03 BST 2005

Just trying to pick up on July's thread, as I hit the same problems with 
Gentoo.  Either server works fine, and failover works, in the same 
sense, but when both servers are running, the backup (priority 100) 
tries and fails to take over every second, flooding the logs and sending 
out an announcement every second.  The master has a priority of 150.

I noticed that Peter Broadwell had this problem, and got around it with 
some clever iptables rules, but he never specified what those rules were.

Does anyone here have a guideline?  tcpdump seems to see the packets 
from either server going across, but I have to be missing something to 
see this kind of behavior.

Christopher Kalos

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