[ANNOUNCE] New Layer7 switching project

howard chen howachen at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 10:20:26 GMT 2006

On 12/11/06, Alexandre Cassen <Alexandre.Cassen at free.fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> Just this quick email to announce the launch of a new opensource project
> for layer7 switching. After discussions with wensong, I decided to start
> a new project to try to create a 'new' switching/loadbalancing code. The
> low level forwarding engine use TCP Splicing. Current code is a simple
> HTTP/1.0 proxy but will extend to rich featured stuff soon (if I found
> enought time). Had to spend lot of time in kernel stuff and global
> design. Current splicing code doesnt support TCP Selective Ack nor
> Windows scaling.
> well, oh, yes... the url is : www.linux-l7sw.org
> All comments are welcome, contributions too ;)
> Best regards,
> Alexandre
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Do you have any roadmap, or a list of tasks so other developers can help?

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