LVS-Tun and realserver's initiating connections

Jaroslav Libák jarol1 at
Thu Dec 21 12:31:26 GMT 2006

Piotr Szturmaj wrote:
> Hi,
> I've studied LVS-howto but I didn't found an answer for my problem. I just
> need to initiate connection from realserver to 3rd party machine. There's no
> need to have connection pair client->server and server->client like in
> persistence mode.
> It should work like below:
> - I send SYN from realserver to outside of cluster.

This SYN will have srcIP equal to RIP. Client will then respond to this RIP and bypass director. If RIP is private it will not work.

> - Client sends ACK and director tunnels it to the same realserver which
> initiated connection.

Director knows nothing about RS sending a SYN, and might forward packets to wrong RS.

> - Connection is established between exactly the same endpoints.
> Is this possible? Or how?

I see no reason to use LVS in this scenario. LVS is for applications where the request is initiated from the client not the server.


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