LVS-Tun and realserver's initiating connections

Piotr Szturmaj gacek999 at
Thu Dec 21 18:38:23 GMT 2006

>> Another port will be used for 3rd party servers
>> from outside of cluster.
> which is the server? the machines on the internet or the realservers?

realservers are my XMPP servers, other XMPP servers are 3rd party machines 
on the
internet. I need to initate connections from my realservers to them.
Configuration is similar to FTP in active mode but incoming and outgoing
connections don't need to be on the same realserver (so persistence mode is
not needed)

>> Until now everything should work. But my server
>> must connect to 3rd party servers too. So there is load balancing for
>> incoming connections + outgoing connections managed at application level.
> clients on the realservers can initiate connections to the internet (see
> the HOWTO). The client can be independant of the services that are LVS'ed
> or (eg mail servers) they can
> be associated with the services being LVS'ed. You just have to arrange
> routing for the client call and reply.

I though about that:

  |           |     |
  | (INCOMING)|     |
 /              /
|               |
|               |

- CLIENTS are on the internet and balanced across realservers.
- OTHER SERVERS are also on the internet and their incoming connection are 
balanced across realservers
- realservers can initiate connections to other servers on the internet
- connection coming from OTHER SERVERS and connections initated by 
realservers has nothing to each other (f.i. incoming connection is on 
REALSERVER 1 while outgoing is on REALSERVER 2)

LVS will have one public IP and all incoming connections will go through it; 
each realserver should have its own public IP for initating outgoing 

Is this ok?


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