How to NAT The FTP-DATA Connection?

Robinson, Eric eric.robinson at
Fri Dec 22 13:11:10 GMT 2006

I've been Googling for an answer to this, but the material I'm finding
is confusing.

What is the easiest way to NAT the FTP-DATA connection from my
RealServers to my FTP clients?

Currently, my clients connect to the load-balancer's VIP, which
redirects it to the RIP of the FTP server. However, when the FTP server
opens the data connection, the client sees it coming from the FTP
server's RIP, not the load-balancer's VIP.

I initially thought I would need to configure iptables on the
load-balancer to fix this, but then I thought iptables might be overkill
and add needless complication if there is a simple way to do it with

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Eric Robinson

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