[ANNOUNCE] L7SW release 0.1.1

Alexandre Cassen acassen at freebox.fr
Thu Dec 28 15:12:35 GMT 2006


Have just release the new code that fixe some issues and extend code for
better testing. Need to take time to create a TODO list to define kind
of roadmap for project. Currently we need to extend kernel splicing
engine to support wscale and make more work on MSS to deal with
fragmentation for huge POST, current MSS code assumption is: most of
large data stream is coming from server to client. if peer are
supporting PMTU then can use PMTU to tweak socket mss, but we need to
preserve code as possible against fragmentation handling since this will
introduce latency.... There is lot of work in userspace switchd daemon
to become a real content aware guy.

ChangeLog for current release is :

2006-12-28 Alexandre Cassen <acassen at linux-vs.org>
        * layer7switch-0.1.1 released.
        * tcp_splice: test if sock is already released while resetting
          it. This can happen if userspace daemon is playing with
          fully asynchronous and non blocking stream handling.
        * switchd: extended TCP listener to support fully asynchronous
          and non blocking stream handling. Accept and connect
          operations are asynchronous.
        * switchd: rewrote splice wait_for_completion to be 
        * switchd: extend configuration parser and daemon engine to
          support multiple virtual_server definitions. Each
          virtual_server can refer to a list of real_server.
        * switchd: added support to Round-Robin and Least-Connection
          loadbalancing schedulers.
        * extended configuration file and readme accordingly.


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