multiple lvs on single interface

Joseph Mack NA3T jmack at
Thu Jan 5 14:44:34 GMT 2006

On Thu, 5 Jan 2006, Muneer wrote:

> In that configuration, we have 2 routers R1 and R2. 
> R1-> and R2-> Both are default routers. 
> When R1 fails, R2 has to take over the traffic to R1 and 
> when R2 fails, R1 has to take the traffic to R2. (network 
> is unreachable only when both routers are down). If this 
> is not still clear, let me know.

I asssume then you're up on the problems of dead gateway 
detection (there are links in the HOWTO). It's not simple, 
presumably why you're using vrrrp.

> Yes. It is not accepting the packet because of the 
> mismatch in MAC address.( I am not changing the original 
> NIC address of the director because I need 2 directors 
> simultaniously. Each instances should accept packet to a 
> particular MAC)

hmm. Don't understand why a router is sending a packet with 
the wrong MAC address to the director. Is arp not working? 
Do you know about send-arp?


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