effect of changing settings in ha.cf

Leon Keijser errtu at gmx.net
Thu Jan 12 07:57:00 GMT 2006


A very simple question, but one i am unable to find the answer to.

[intro] In a production environment i have 2 LVS's (heartbeat + ldirectord).
They're setup so that one is always master and the other the backup node. In
ha.cf i've set auto_failback to 'on'. Now this turned out to be not so nice
a solution. Several times it occurred that the backup node thought the
master was dead and tried to do a failover. During the failover it
recognized the master as actually not dead. This is when all the trouble
starts, because it looks like they're fighting over the 'master' status,
resulting in all clients being disconnected from the terminal server due to

[question] In ha.cf i've changed auto_failback to 'off' to stop this from
happening. I haven't restarted anything though, and there's not much
opportunity to do so, so i was wondering if these changes are taken in
effect immediately, or only after heartbeat restarts?


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