LVS Question?

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Hi all,

I've got a same problem. I have lb + 2 real serves behind NAT.
I need to specify lb as gw on both real servers. SNAT can avoid this,
> 6) The LB rewrites the packet and sends it back to the internet client.
As far as I know, IPVS doesn't have this feature for SNAT.
Correct me, if I were wrong.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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> Hello All,
> I am working on a trying to use LVS to do the following.
> My question is can an open source load balancer function like my old
> (broken) F5 in the architecture below?
> Here is the current load balancer architecture with the F5:
> Requirements
> 1) There is only IP sub network (,, broadcast
> 2) Load balancer setup to use only one NIC (F5 calls it Load balancer on a
> stick)
> Example:
> Virtual IP address and port:
> GW (Firewall): (Box1)
> Real Servers: (Box2), (Box3)
> Load Balancer Real: (Box4)
> Load Balancer SNAT:
> The Current flow of traffic:
> 1) Internet Client accesses
> 2) FW Box1 passes traffic to the Load balancer
> 3) The LB rewrites the packet putting the SNAT address in as the client
> 4) The LB sends the new packet the chosen real server (based on whatever
> algorithm is being used - Round Robin)
> 5) The real server serves up the page back the SNAT (LB) address.
> 6) The LB rewrites the packet and sends it back to the internet client.
> Has anyone set something like that up or know of a way to set something 
> like
> that up?  I have setup LVS with 2 NICs and networks, where the LB is the 
> FW
> too but I can not do that in this case.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks, JMF
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