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Joseph Mack NA3T jmack at wm7d.net
Fri Mar 10 14:45:01 GMT 2006

Forwarded on behalf of Francois JEANMOUGIN

(multiport protocols are difficult to loadbalance under LVS)


Francois JEANMOUGIN <Francois.JEANMOUGIN at indexmultimedia.com> wrote on
03/10/2006 08:46:58 AM:

  First, something weird happened to my company, and this
  mail wil probably not reach the list, so, I try.

  Well, here we go,

  Rmi is NOT a TCP protocol as is. It is a subprotocol that
  is similar to FTP. The two RMI ports are dealing a
  transaction on the standard RMI port, and then,
  there is a dynamic port negociation. There is no way to
  make RMI load balanced, as well as there is no way to make
  it go through a firewall...

  If you look at google:RMI+Firewal, you will find relevant
  documents about port negociation and all the (bad) ways to
  handle this (bad) idea that is RMI.

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