IP Update - maybe an arp issue

Tony Spencer tony at games-master.co.uk
Fri Mar 10 14:57:57 GMT 2006

We have a couple LVS's running on Centos 4.2 they are working fine and
failover as they should, the backup server takes the VIP when the primary
server is taken offline.

However I've noticed an issue when the failover occurs.


>From inside our network we can get to web sites and radius server using the
VIP when the failover occurs.

But from outside our network we can't, the connection fails.


Both servers are plugged into a Cisco 2924XL switch which sees the IP move
from one port to another when it fails over.

Into the same switch is our upstream link also.

Could it be an arp issue with the upstream because the MAC address of the
VIP has changed?


I thought this at first but even when I brought the primary server backup so
the VIP was on the same MAC address it still wouldn't work.


Any one got any ideas on why this maybe happening and/or have to solve it?




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